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Prevent Family Disputes with Estate Planning in Shelby Township, MI

A person’s estate can range from life insurance to real estate. And unfortunately, the assets a person leaves behind when they pass away can become the source of contention between family members. If the idea of your loved ones arguing over your belongings troubles you, you can take action now. Prevent disputes over your property with estate planning in Shelby Township, MI.

Estate Planning Shelby Township, MI

The Gift to Your Beneficiaries

Cashen & Strehl PC can assist you in updating your trusts and wills so that they include the correct beneficiary information. Our knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorneys focus on ensuring that all paperwork is clear, in order, and filed accordingly.

A Taxing Situation

Your death will not prevent the government from imposing taxes on your estate. Your family will be responsible for paying taxes related to your estate, which could diminish any money, property, etc., that you bequest to loved ones. Also, we offer tax and financial planning that helps ensure your estate complies with probate laws. 

As a part of your estate planning, we also recommend that you consider health and medical directives. Legal documentation ensures the care you receive reflects your wishes. Contact us to discuss the various options available for your estate planning needs.

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